From a young age, I found a passion for using my voice.  I sort of "fell into" my elementary school's media program after a teacher heard me read an article from the day's newspaper.  I caught the bug and was continously intrigued by new, sports and just about anything media related.  When the opportunity arose, I'd listen to broadcasters, I'd learn the craft.  I'd study what made them popular and what their unique talents were.  While I didn't know these broadcasters personally, I learned from each of them and quite honestly... I still do!  Voices such as Kevin Harlan, Verne Lundquist, Vin Scully, Gus Johnson, Jim Nantz & Joe Beninati were and still are, influences in my becoming The Voice that you hear today.

As I further developed my love for broadcast and voicework, I anchored programs, announced sporting events and served as an event host in many arenas.  After earning my degree in Journalism from The University of Maryland, College Park (2005), my professional pursuits continued.  From volunteer work at local sporting events to becoming a professional M.C., I found myself involved with anything & everything related to my desired field.

Having found success in broadcasting/P.A. announcing for sporting events (high school, college & professional) I've developed a passion for helping each of my clients obtain the sound, look and/or environment they want for their project.  Be in on the field, in the arena, in the studio or on broadcast, I enjoy making your project come to life!

In the effort to achieve your desired goal, we will work together to deliver the message you want with energy and articulation.  I will become a part of your project.  Should you choose to add me to your project, we will have unlimited consultation and a vested interest.  

Let's get started today!  Your project or event is one phone call or e-mail away from being The Main Event!